As the owners or managers of small firms we all find ourselves from time to time speaking to people who could, potentially, become paying customers of ours.

In running our respective businesses we quickly realise that these conversations are business opportunities – and the more of these conversations we can convert into paid business the better it is for our revenues – and our personal incomes.

It’s great to have people show that interest. But ultimately it’s our ability to convert that interest into actual, paying business that determines our firm’s success.

We want to turn as many of those enquiries or conversations as possible into revenue.

Our ability to convert a person’s initial interest into actual, paying business is not fixed.

Some of us already do it really effectively and convert more than enough of those sales conversations into business. Others of us have a slightly tougher time of things.

But nobody is stuck with things as they are.

Whether we speak to potential customers

  • on the telephone (via incoming enquiries, referrals, cold-calls)
  • face-to-face (at trade shows, networking events and so on)

there are reliable, tried-and-tested methods of conducting these conversations that help the people we speak to – our potential customers – recognise the value we can bring to their own lives or businesses.

The better we are at employing these simple principles to our sales conversations the more effective these conversations will be. We can replace ad hoc, made-up-as-we-go-along conversations with ones that work for both us and our would-be customers.

The result is that we create situations in which the would-be customer feels that much more confident about working with – or buying from – us.

Every telephone enquiry can mean a new customer.

Every face-to-face conversation can lead to more business.

These are opportunities and we want to maximise the returns from each and every opportunity that we receive.

The Core Stuff’s mission is to help people who know little or nothing about the fundamentals of ethical, effective selling to get really good – quickly – at the core skills that are going to help them gain more clients, more customers and more revenue.

We assume no prior knowledge and take you through the learning a step at a time.

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