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Think more deeply about your value

We sell marketing and sales courses and they help firms increase market share and revenues in the present. This is great for our clients and we can describe our offering in compelling terms: earn the revenue you need to grow, earn the personal income you need to afford the lifestyle you aspire to, increase your market share, expand your business horizons and so on.

These are the immediate benefits of using our services – the more obvious ones, perhaps.

But what are the more far-reaching benefits? What other aspects of their business can this value create a desirable impact on?

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No no

There are numerous reasons why you might hear the word ‘no’ – or some similar word or phrase – from the mouth of a prospective customer.

‘No’ often follows your request for some sort of commitment – a commitment to meet, for example, or a commitment to try out the product, a commitment to hire your service or buy your product – and so on.

And so one common reason you will encounter ‘no’ is because you asked the commitment question too early. You asked the potential customer to agree to something before you had given her sufficient cause to feel that this would be a good thing for her to do.

So her default response is a self-protecting, low-risk ‘no’.

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Bad news is good news

Bad salespeople fear bad news.

They won’t ask their potential customer those questions they fear might result in an unwanted or difficult answer. If they suspect doubt or disinterest or confusion during the sales conversation they’ll plough on regardless and hope it just goes away.

Bad salespeople believe if their potential customer is nodding and doesn’t state anything negative then all should be well when it comes time to ask for the order.

Bad salespeople experience much disappointment…

What good salespeople know

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