Learn how to sell

Selling excellence – creating your own sales process                                  £99.00

This course is designed to help business owners or managers understand how to manage telephone or face-to-face sales conversations in a way that increases the rate at which they convert initial conversations with potential customers into real, paid business.

Often, the first sale that you secure as a result of your learning here will more than cover the cost of that learning.

What’s in it for you?

You will be able to sell more of your service or product and you will be able to sell it more quickly.

Your current level of selling skill is not fixed. It can be noticeably improved and, when it is, you can conduct dramatically better sales conversations. Properly crafted sales conversations are not difficult to achieve yet they can greatly enhance your credibility with your would-be customers thus creating the kind of buying environment in which they feel comfortable making their purchasing decision with you.

We assume you possess no prior sales knowledge.

Who this course is for:

All business owners or managers who have little or no prior knowledge about effective,  professional sales methods.

  •  Any person who receives telephone calls from people enquiring about their product or service and who might potentially decide to buy from you or work with you. These might be people who have come to your website via your other marketing activity or who have found your details through other channels – paid-for advertising, directories, listings, referrals, newsgroups or letters and so on. If you receive telephone calls that you would like to turn into paid business then this course is for you.
  •  Any person who speaks face-to-face with people who may eventually become paying customers. These might be people you meet at trade shows, networking events, industry get-togethers, seminars or any environment where you might meet a potential customer.
  •  Any person who prospects for new business using cold-calling or any mix of cold/warm approaches.

Whether you sell quite basic, easy-to-understand products and services or a more complex and involved offering the fundamental sales process we teach adapts simply to the particular needs of your sale.

This course will teach you:

  • How to determine quickly whether the person you’re speaking to is a strong prospective client or a likely waste of your time
  • How to develop the sales conversation through skilful, appropriate questions
  • How to reveal the business challenges and/or business aspirations that your product or service can help with
  • How to create a conversation that engages the potential customer and avoids the seller-buyer feel that characterises too many poor sales conversations
  • How to know what to do next
  • How to gain the other person’s agreement to take the next steps
  • How to get good at managing your sales conversations so that you gain the kind of information you need in order to progress the sale
  • How to create conversations that the potential client wants to engage in
  • How to present your solution to your potential customer as a legitimate part of a business conversation – rather than as a salesy self-promotional advertisement
  • How to discuss your product or service in terms that match the needs, challenges and aspirations of the would-be customer
  • How to guide the sales conversation in a way that helps your potential customer recognise the value that you provide
  • How to develop the confidence to go after new business rather than only wait for it to come to you
  • How to create an environment in which the other person feels confident and assured in buying from you
  • How to ask for the business at a time and in a way that makes ‘yes’ a more likely answer
  • How to avoid awkward or difficult situations in the sales conversation – especially at the point of asking for the business
  • How to develop for yourself a sales process that is predictable and which you can rely on in any selling situation
  • How to become skilful in all selling situations and, optionally, become confident at the lucrative activity of cold-calling for new business

The course consists of:
– E-book
– Video series
– One 45-minute telephone consultation

There are no secrets to great selling

There are things you do that help your sales results and things you do that hinder your sales results.

There are approaches that will make your potential customer feel comfortable and responsive to your sales conversation and approaches that will create resistance and tension.

There are ways for you to feel supremely confident about any selling situation you might find yourself in and ways for you to feel anxious, pessimistic and frustrated.

A sales process designed around your product or service helps you achieve more of the good things and fewer – or none – of the bad ones. The best salespeople use a sales process.

The best salespeople know how to open a selling conversation, how to guide it, how to deepen it, how to present their offering appropriately and how to secure the business.

Whether they’re answering a telephone enquiry or meeting a person face-to-face they create the kinds of conversations that their would-be customers want to be having with people they’re thinking of doing business with.

Consequently, they sell more products and services than people who do not work to a process. And they sell them more quickly.

Selling more – and selling it more quickly – make revenues and incomes grow.

Our selling course shows you how to put your own sales process together and then how to customise it around you products or services and your markets and customers. By creating a customised sales process and then improving it over time you are then doing what the very best salespeople do.

We assume no prior knowledge of selling and no special abilities in terms of education, experience or confidence.

It’s not magic.

It’s just that it sometimes feels like it is….