List Building

One of the biggest leaks – maybe the biggest – is that people visit our websites and then leave. And we have absolutely no clue who they are or how to get in touch with them.

Why should this matter?

It matters because those visitors have shown at least some interest in the kind of service or product that you offer yet if they make their purchasing decision days or even weeks after visiting your website they’ve quite possibly forgotten all about you – and you are completely unable to influence that purchasing decision.

It is essential that you keep some form of connection with the prospective customer after they’ve left your site otherwise these customer-building opportunities are simply going to waste.

To do that you want to collect their names and contact details so you can maintain contact with them long after their initial visit to your site.

To do that you need to create a sign-up offer – something you offer visitors for free that they would be happy to give their contact details in exchange for. (As you probably know, our website – the one you’re looking at now – offers a free sales taster course as a sign-up offer).

Once you have exchanged your sign-up offer for their contact details you have the means to send them information, updates, useful news – and the occasional marketing e-mail that tells them about the kind of value you offer your clients.

This is known as list-building and it keeps you in touch with interested people with whom you would usually have had absolutely no contact.

You build up a list of people who have shown specific interest in the products you offer – giving you the opportunity to convert that interest into new customers. You only have to set up your list-building process once – thereafter it gathers names and contact details of your visitors year in, year out.

Does your website currently collect the contact details of those people who have shown an interest in what you offer?

How might list-building help you convert initial interest in your products or services into real, paid business?

If you think this represents an opportunity for you but you’re not sure how to proceed then first of all consider sending us an email telling us about what your business does, its challenges and your hopes for your business. Include your website address too if you have one. We’ll give you a clearer picture of what we think you could do to improve your ability to convert interest into money.

If you would like us to work with you to make the idea a reality then we offer this:

Offer 1. We’ll carry out (or co-ordinate if you already have a web maintainer) the set-up of the website form required to collect the e-mail addresses of people who decide to take you up on your free sign-up offer. We will also describe some of the types of sign-up offer you might like to consider offering your potential customers and we’ll give you advice and information on how you can create these offers yourself. We charge £99 for this.

Offer 2. As offer 1, above, but we will also help you write and design the sign-up offer itself so that you have the free product that you’re offering visitors in exchange for their contact details. The cost of this is not fixed – some products take much more time than others to create. We charge at least £199 but we do not charge more than £299 in total. An exact quote can be offered before we agree to work together. The end-result of us working together on this offer is that you have a sign-up form on your website and a useful, relevant product to induce people to actually sign up.

Remember: there’s no hard-sell, no gimmicks and no hidden charges with us. If you’re unsure, just ask and we’ll tell you.

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