Your website is a salesperson

Are you getting effective, motivating messages across to your target audience?

Is the next action that visitors to your website take the action your business  actually wants them to take? Or are they simply leaving your website?

All too often business-owners get themselves a website… and then wonder what to write on that website in order to maximise their chances of gaining revenue from it.

The fact is, your website isn’t some nice-to-have item that you get because everyone else has got one. It can actually be an incredibly effective marketing and sales tool that helps convert the initial interest of your visitors into some sort of useful activity – activity that moves them a step closer to making a purchasing decision with you.

Yet if the website’s content wasn’t written with clearly defined business aims in mind then the site itself can often end up as a purposeless business expense.

There are several common errors that business owners make which reduce the amount of revenue their sites can generate for them.

One of those errors – a near-fatal one so far as generating some interest in your firm and what it offers is concerned – is in the actual words and phrases they use on their front pages, their About pages, their Product or Service description pages – and other areas of essential information.

What is the error?

It’s this: their wording is almost wholly fixated on them, on what the firm does, what their product does, how the firm carries out its work,  who their customers are, what qualifications their directors have, how effective/efficient/wonderful they are, which geographical area they cover, how long they’ve been in business… and so on.

The truth is: nobody really cares about such bland self-promotion. This kind of information does not help me make a decision as to whether I want to do business with you. It doesn’t excite or interest me, it gives me no useful data and it’s it almost exactly the same type of information as that offered by most of your competitors.

Your visitors are interested in one thing and one thing only:

If I work with/buy from these people what’s in it for me?

They want results. Value. Enhancements. Improvements. They want to know how their lives will be better as a result of having done business with you.

And they don’t want to have to work out from your website content – what you have written – what the value might be of working with you. They want it spelt out, in their terms, from their perspective in a way that gives them a clear, honest-to-goodness vision of what purchasing from you – rather than someone else – means for them.

That’s how they decide to buy from you!

You need this too

You – your firm, your bottom line – need to convey the value you offer in those terms too. Your business – if it’s to flourish – needs to compel people to work with or buy from you.

You must aim, through your website content, to be an irresistibly attractive proposition – not simply the best of a dull bunch.

So you need to be speaking to your would-be customers in terms that provoke, excite, engage and motivate your reader/listener/viewer to actually do something about what it is they’ve just read, heard or seen.

That ‘something’ could be to make a purchase or sign up for your free e-book or newsletter, it might be to arrange an appointment, fill in an enquiry form, book a demo, watch your video… or whatever else it is that your website is designed to achieve.*

If your website content is created from the would-be customer’s perspective and speaks in terms that resonate most deeply with their hopes and fears, their challenges and aspirations their concerns and desires then increasing numbers of your visitors will take that next step that you want them to take – and not the one they normally take (which is to leave your site, never to return).

If you’re working hard to get visitors to your website – or if you’re paying for advertising or marketing services to drive traffic to your site – and those visitors are not doing what you require them to do when they get there then you are simply frittering away time, energy and, perhaps, money.

It doesn’t have to stay this way. We can change this for you – now.

The service we offer you

You only have to get your website right once and then it can get on with doing what it is you need it to be doing in order to start earning you more money.

If this is something you want then here’s what we can do together:

1. Send us an email with your website address; tell us a little about your business challenges and business hopes. Tell us also where you generally obtain your customers (ads? cold-calling? social media? leafleting? etc)
2. We’ll review your website, its text, pictures and layout and write back with a proposal on the kind of changes that might better support your business ambitions.
3. The proposal will include our judgement on what needs to be addressed in order to make the website content engage and motivate your visitors. We’ll comment on any other aspects of the website that might benefit from some attention in order to create a more engaging effect with your visitors.
4. We will include a fixed price for the work that we believe is needed to bring about these enhancements.


The charge for this enhancement work is necessarily variable because the time and effort involved is itself variable according to what needs doing.

But to give you an idea: we charge £99 to write or rewrite a page of up to 200 words. We’ll need to ask you a number of questions before we start so we can understand the effect you would like to create with your page. We will provide you with  draft versions of our work so you can see how we’re thinking – and so offer your own thoughts or opinions.

We’ll reduce the rate for smaller, simpler pages and increase it for larger, more complex pages.

Either way, you will receive a proposal from us describing what we intend to do and giving you our final, fixed-rate price for the work.

You can then decide in your own time how you wish to proceed.

Why not send us that email and let’s see what we can do here?

*If you don’t know what your website is there to achieve then there’s a danger that it’s acting as little more than an expensive business card. We can help you fix a business-enhancing goal for your website so that it’s actually earning its keep.

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